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I am a Graphic Designer in India (Delhi & Gurugram, I am a Director of a Multimedia Company, which offers professional and premium Graphic Designer services along with professional photography. Being a Graphic Designer is not just a job for me and my team, it is also a passion. Graphic Design, Website Maintenance, Website Re Design, Content management Sites and e-commerce Solutions are some of the services offered by us. Through this website I and my team mates provide everyone a wide range of Graphic Designing services which can take their businesses to new pinnacles.

I am open for offers from corporates who are looking for creative branding & branding consultants. is the first and final name to come up when providing fresh WIX website designs is discussed. Our beautiful design solutions help you whether you are thinking of revamping your already existing website or creating a new website for your new business. If you are looking for success in minimum time, with less efforts and in a cost-efficient manner, our WIX website design agency is exactly what you need by your side. Our designers work with deep passion and strive to bring that passion in every WIX website design they work on.  


Listen and Understand Client's requirements (meet the client, if possible) A good listener. As a graphic designer India and web graphic designer Gurugram & Delhi, I listen to your business demands and technical requirements, about the direction your business is heading and about the success it may or can achieve. Not only do the branding and campaigns I design to ensure my work and clients stand-out, my intention is to provide creative landmarks that stand the test of time, enabling clients to engage and connect with their own customers more effectively than ever before.

Come Back Home and Brainstorm (Think)

I understand that every company has its unique requirement when it comes to graphic design. My responsibility is to project that uniqueness and make the graphics stand out from its competition. Most of my time goes into thinking about your business objectives, defining the problem and finally designing the best possible solution.

Concert (Strategy for brand development)

Creating a successful brand requires looking at client’s experience from origination to the final touch point and determining how to create consistency and clarity throughout. Once that has been established, understanding the strategic goals for each piece allows us to create visual assets that can be leveraged throughout all marketing materials and build brand recognition

Design & Deliver

In this stage me and my team sit and work for hours and days to finalize design masterpieces for your satisfaction and to get the ROI for you.

Designer On Computer
Our Story

We are a team of talented WIX website designer in Gurgaon, having experience in e-commerce and graphic design. On realizing the astonishing opportunity within the WIX platform, we made up our mind to establish an innovative and progressive web design agency. This led to the birth of

Our Vision

We aim to offer breathtaking websites to clients searching for a cost-efficient way to own a website that exhibits your offerings. With the vision to display your business personality and brand to your target audience, we guarantee a high-quality WIX site, created with exactness, care and proficiency.


Our websites are completely responsive (optimized and SEO-friendly), thanks to the superb WIX platform available on the market.


Our experts endeavor to build websites that grab your attention and adhere to your preferences for the very first time.

st Step
Consultation for FREE

Keeping things simple and straightforward, we begin with a free of cost consultation and ask you to fill up a questionnaire, trying to fathom what you seek from the new website. It has questions pertaining to 

  • What your business is all about?

  • Who your target audience is?

  • What do you wish to convey about your company through the new WIX website?

nd Step
Prototype of Website

We will analyze the brief before creating a prototype Homepage. There will not be any content, and it helps you check the color scheme, layout, icons and headings and more.

rd Step
Design Stage

This is the time we enter the design phase and integrate the prototype in the drag n’ platform and create a fully functioning WIX website. Our WIX designers make full use of all the features of WIX while making the website easily navigable, user-friendly and superb design.

th Step
Test & Revision

To ensure that the WIX website functions in a great manner and can be navigated easily, our site review and analysis efforts come into play. Our experts endeavor to build websites that grab your attention and adhere to your preference for the very first time. But, in case you need revisions, we cater to your requirements. provides a range of services to assist you in getting your splendid WIX website running in a superb manner. Check out our services below.
WIX Web Design

We specialize in creating custom WIX websites. Making use of the most recent technology and innovative designs, we build responsive and user-friendly websites. We carefully listen to your objectives, vision and requirements to create an SEO-optimized, professional website that compels visitors to take the next step forward. Starting with a website questionnaire aids us in getting an insight into your business, your costumers, and what they want. We make total use of the drag and drop feature of the WIX platform to build your site from the scratch. 

WIX Logo Design Services

Businesses often mistake a logo to be just a piece of art. In reality, it is a brand identity, which renders your website the much-needed visibility, distinguishing your company from the others. How many times have you looked at the logos of big brands and thought about their history or success? Undoubtedly, multiple times. This is how powerful a logo is. One glance at your logo and people get a view of your business - exactly what our experienced WIX designers are constantly aiming to achieve. We keep in mind the uniqueness of every business and its requirements to come up with custom logo designs so that your venture stands apart. 

WIX Photoshop Services

Are you thinking of making your website’s images more glamorous or want to launch your own eCommerce website? At, we offer a vast spectrum of state-of-the-art photoshop services, using advanced photoshop tools as per your business’ needs. Our exceptional image editing services add exponential value to its clients, massively contributing to its success. Se proffer clipping path services, vectorizing images, retouching, cleanup and much more for clients across industry verticals. We hardly ever compromise on quality, making us the top choice for photoshop services. 

WIX Onsite SEO Optimization

We are your premium WIX onsite SEO service provider. In onsite SEO, websites are completely optimized and feature one of the most crucial aspects, keyword planning. Besides, adding high-quality SEO-friendly content, page titles and descriptions, links to social media accounts and online reviews strengthen your online presence and help your website rank high on Google and other search engines. This leads to lead conversion, web traffic, sales, brand building and ultimately earning of revenue. Trust my team to optimize your WIX website for all search engines.

WIX Website Re-Design

Websites grow obsolete over time, and redesigning it can better the image of your company, improve retention of customers, heighten sales performance, improve rank on search engine and offer you higher content management abilities. If users are ignoring your website because it has an outdated design, is not mobile optimized, loads slowly, and is not visible on the first page of search engines, it is time to redesign your website. Other reasons for website redesign are a poor ratio of the visitor to lead, incapability to reach the target audience, and the inability to alter content while keeping up with changing dimensions of business. Our designers happily redesign and revamp your existing websites on the WIX platform.

WIX Website Maintenance Service

The first impression of your website can make or break your company’s sales. Therefore, you need to make website maintenance a priority. But, knowing the intricacies of website maintenance is time-consuming and difficult, specially if you have no idea how the WIX platform works. With our services, your business gets access to regular updates, tech support, WordPress maintenance, etc. You get all this in lieu of a monthly fee so that you can focus on running on your business properly.


Wix Website Design & cPanel Hosting

Business Card Design

Poster Design

​SEO and

Internet Marketing

Office Stationery Design

Catalog Design

Logo Design

Flyer Designer

Restaurant Menu Design

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